Child Mental Health

One for the parents …. In a world full of demands, expectation, social media, popularity tv etc etc our children (and indeed us adults!) can lose their sense of self. Tune in to your little ones; listen to what they are telling you and acknowledge the validity of their opinions, fears, concerns, goals, passions and motivations. Don’t dampen their spirit … keep their spirits high with your unwavering support and encouragement to be just who they are 🌟🌟🌟

 It’s funny how we forget to parent kids in the NOW and constantly push them into some FUTURE. . But we often forget that children have identities. And to build that identity, they need to be played with, talked to and talked with about their feelings. They need to feel understood. . These things help in building a child’s resilience and total well-being.

Tell a friend to tell a friend that a child’s happiness and mental health is so much more important than the grades that they achieve 

Ways to nurture a child’s mental health

  1. Actively listen before offering your advice
  2. Be patient
  3. Share your feelings and validate theirs
  4. Tell the truth
  5. Model healthy behavior
  6. Be consistent and follow through with what you promise
  7. Believe them and in them
  8. Practice relaxation exercises together
  9. Recognize positive choices
  10. Set and respect boundaries
  11. Reach out and hug them
  12. Make play and exercise a requirement
  13. Limit electronic time for everyone
  14. View their behavior as a window to their needs and feelings
  15. Have scheduled Family time
  16. Respond calmly when their emotions are elevated
  17. Be present
  18. Model forgiveness
  19. Use open ended questions
  20. Teach them how to be safe
  21. Surround them with healthy adults
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