2018 Primary 4 Chinese

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Consist of tests and examination papers from top primary schools below.

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CA1 Henry Park CA1 Pei Hwa CA2 Henry Park
CA2 Pei Hwa SA1 ACS SA1 Catholic High
SA1 Henry Park SA1 MGS SA1 Pei Hwa
SA1 Raffles SA1 SCGS SA2 ACS
SA2 Henry Park SA2 MGS SA2 Nanyang
SA2 Raffles SA2 SCGS
Higher Chinese
CA2 Red Swastika SA1 Ai Tong SA1 Maha Bodhi
SA1 Nan Hua SA1 Nanyang SA1 Red Swastika
SA1 St Nicholas SA1 Tao Nan SA2 Ai Tong
SA2 Catholic High SA2 Maha Bodhi SA2 Nan Hua
SA2 Red Swastika SA2 SCGS SA2 St Nicholas
SA2 Tao Nan
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