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Year 2018 Primary 4 to Primary 6 papers are available for downloads. Year 2017 full series – CA1, SA1, CA2 & SA2.

Papers from top schools such as Ai Tong Primary, Henry Park Primary, SCGS & Rosyth Primary … etc, are ready for your perusal.

All testpapers – CA1, SA1 ,CA2 & SA2, come with answer keys and best of all, they are FREE. Enjoys discounts on paid materials (bundle packs) by simply use the discounts voucher.

How to downloads

  1. Download and install our mobile app @ Google Play store.
  2. This website works actually like a e-commence website.
  3. Simply select the papers of you choice and put them in the cart.
  4. Once ready, check out your shopping cart with a valid email
  5. No payment is required except for paid materials (Bundle packs – payments via Paypal).
  6. DOWNLOAD links will be available after checkout or after payment is cleared
  7. You may download the papers immediately on-site/mobile or via your receipt which is send to your email (please check your spam folder).
  8. Links are valid for maximum of 2 downloads per papers within 24 hours limit.

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Quick Downloads

Too tedious to download each paper one at a time? We have PAID bundle packs (zip file) for your convenience. Please click here for Bundle Pack downloads.
Enjoys discounts on paid materials (bundle packs) by simply use the discounts voucher – “FREE5” (worth $5.00).

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